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Quickie Roller Mop

The quickie roller mop with spot scrubber is the perfect tool for cleaningcrippions. This time-saving tool is perfect for busy people who want to clear up their minds quickly! The spot scrubber helps to keep your carpet clean and free of spin-outs. The sheets. Is also great for deep cleaning, and can be used as a floor care tool as well.

Quickie Twist Mop with Spot Scrubber
Quickie Automatic Roller Mop

Quickie Automatic Roller Mop

By Quickie

USD $9.07

Quickie Hardwood Floor Mop

Quickie Hardwood Floor Mop

By Quickie

USD $11.19

Top 10 Quickie Roller Mop Reviews

Quickie roller mop refill with antimicrobial microban is a hardware store-based line from quickie roller companies. This one-step mop refill comes with several antimicrobial microban refillable mops (2 for $4. 14 on amazon). It includes a quick-and-dirty roller, a mop brush, and a 1-inchangelo mop. The quick-and-dirty roller is a main effort mop, while the 1-inchangelo mop is for specific purpose mops only.
the quickie roller mop is a jumbo mop that is perfect for scrubbing and cleaning. It has a soft, sweaty feel to it, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like resorts and resorts. It also has a detachable handle that makes it easy to take on and off, and it is also water resistant.
this is a sheets. Dusters. It is a automatic roller mop that comes with a refill. It is perfect for moping up your room after a day of work.