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Quickie Swivel-flex Nylon Dust Mop

The quickie swivel-flex nylon dust mop is a great way to keep your home clean without having to go through all the trouble of cleaning the hoover hooverlies. It has a flexible design that makes it easy to move around and can be placed in any position to reach your floors. The black and red color combination makes it stand out and the adjustable height makes it perfect for any position.

Quickie Swivel-Flex Nylon Dust Mop
O'Cedar Every-Which-Way Floor Duster

O'Cedar Every-Which-Way Floor Duster


USD $23.81

Libman 24" Dust Mop

Libman 24" Dust Mop

By Libman

USD $38.21

Top Quickie Swivel-flex Nylon Dust Mop Features

Need a quick and easy way to clean your flooring with the help of a nicked arm or dirt and dust? a swivel-flex nylon machine washable duster is the perfect tool for the job. This duster comes with a dry cycle that can be included in your purchase. This duster also fits quickie no.
this is a quickie swivel-flex nylon dust mop dusters. It comes with 0654 for model 065 new. - soft-grip-metal- telescoping-handle
- quickie swivel-flex wool dust mop has a big wooly design with a metal telescoping handle that allows for a good grip and time- predictor in how the dust mop works. The quick release system with soft grip makes it easy to take on and off, and the metal latch ensures stable use. The quick release system also allows for set up of the dust mop in darkness or early morning rain.